Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Too Far Gone

(Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert) 

As many of you know, I have been obsessing over the filming of the musical "Les Miserables". I am a major Hugh Jackman fan as both an actor and singer.  What I didn't expect was that I would become a major fan of Russell Crowe.  I liked him in Gladiator and Master and Commander and knew he had the acting chops but had my doubts on the Inspector Javert casting.  What I didn't expect was the emotional musicality of the Doyle/Crowe songbook.

I downloaded the following song from You Tube, the instant I heard it. It is from the Crowe/Doyle songbook and apparently, they have been around for next to forever, and I am just slow on the uptake.  It features his wife, Danielle Spencer, who happens to currently be starring in the Australian version of  Dancing With the Stars (heads up Travis, she has legses).

The lyrics are amazing, so Take This Tune and tell me a story.

Too Far Gone ( To Be Saved ) (Crowe/Doyle)

I am drowning not waving here in the darkness I'll find my peace
 You'll try to save me but you are suspended
Beneath the surface In way too deep


 And your fingers tear at my skin
Release the blood let the feeding begin
Your intentions will never be blamed
We're both too far gone, to be saved

When times were simple And the journey clearer
Before the circles And deja vu
 Before all the bombs fell And we lived in craters
Before all the sharks came And had their fill



 I should have spared you And you might have warned me
The glory is fleeting for birds in flight
 Now I'm sinking weighed down by regrets
I see clearly in this dying light

 I am drowning not waving
Will you just love me It's not too late
 Here in the darkness No-one can judge us
Kiss me completely And seal our fate


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