Friday, March 5, 2010

Take This Tune - Frühlingstraum (Spring Dream)

This week we are taking a different kind of trip - the ones you take at night or in your daydreams. Here's a beautiful German lieder (English translation below) courtesy of Fairweather to remind you that Spring will be coming around again eventually and maybe, just maybe the return or beginning of love.

Such colorful flowers I dreamed of,
All blooming and lovely in May
A fantasy of fresh meadows
And wonderful creatures in song.

But then cried out the rooster
My eyes were opened wide.
The world was cold and shadows
And ravens all cackled aloud.

And on my darkened windows
Who was it who painted such leaves?
Oh, why do you laugh at the dreamer
With visions of winter flowers?
(Who wiles away youthful hours...)

I dreamed of a love untainted
A maiden of beauty, and pure;
Of kisses and sweet caresses
Of happiness whole, and our joy.

But then cried out the rooster
And bid my heart awake
And now alone I languish
Is doubt and confusion my fate?

Once more I close my eyes and
My heart beats fast and strong
When will those leaves grow truly -
My love I will hold in my arms?
(To cherish forevermore.)

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